About Vanadium

About Vanadium Batteries

The Vanadium Battery is revolutionising the energy storage industry the world over.
Vanadium Batteries are rapidly becoming the battery of choice for efficient large-scale renewable energy storage. VRB’s have been proven to provide reliable storage of large quantities of renewable generated energy.

Key aspects of the Vanadium Battery include:

  • Long lifespan cycles: Ability to repeatedly charge / discharge over 35,000 times for a lifespan of over 20 years 
  • 100% depth of discharge: Without performance degradation is unique to VRFBs
  • Lowest cost per kWh when fully used at least once daily makes VRFBs today cheaper than Li-ion batteries
  • Safe, with no fire risk from thermal runaway
  • 100% of vanadium is re-usable upon decommissioning of the system
  • Scalable capacity to store large quantities of energy
  • Flexibility: Allows capture of the multi-stacked value of energy storage in grid applications
  • Very fast response time of less than 70ms
  • No cross-contamination: Only one battery element, unique among flow batteries

Future of Vanadium

As we focus our energy into the production of vanadium for large scale industrial applications, we can facilitate the development of large renewable energy projects the world over. The issue with solar and wind energy projects is the unreliability of power supply due to weather conditions, a commercial scale storage solution changes the energy mix, and makes renewables a large part of a lower carbon future.

The emerging renewable energy storage industry (VRB’s) and expanding global infrastructure spending will see the demand for vanadium continue to significantly grow over the coming years.

There are already concerns over vanadium supply availability for the growing VRB industry. For example, the VRB installation in Dalian, China was approximately 3.8% of current global demand

Vanadium’s Other Uses

Historically, 90% of vanadium produced has gone into the steel making process.

A small amount of vanadium added during the steel making process greatly increases the strength of steel – even by up to 100%. So important is the use of vanadium in the steel making process, in recent months Governments have mandated an increase in the amount of vanadium to be included in rebar to increase strength in areas of high seismic activity.

With the ever increasing demand for steel in the building and industrial industries, demand will remain high for vanadium in this original marketplace.